How to start with Old Movies

You want to start with the classics. But how? And where?

Despite the fact I like nearly every old movie, of course not all of them are the right choice to start, especially if you are a bit skeptic. Here are some tips that come from my four-years experience as a classic movie passionate, the first post of my series Deal with the Classics, with whom I’ll try to convince who still believes it that oldies won’t eat you. If after my series this terrible fear persists, I suggest visiting Cary Grant Won’t Eat You . Good reading!

This has been the first old movie I’ve seen. Starring the stellar threesome Marilyn Monroe-Tony Curtis-Jack Lemmon, Some Like It Hot is a screwball comedy out of time directed by legendary Billy Wilder. The plot talks about a couple of musicians who dress up as women to join a strictly female company and avoid the mob of Chicago. Troubles begin when they meet a beautiful and nutty ukulele player called Sugar Kandinsky. Considered the best comedy ever produced, it has both a saucy script and cast.

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The musical of excellence, this glittering MGM’s production stars Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor in a plot about the troubled transition to talkies of a Hollywood silent actor. The film has wonderful dancing and singing scenes, included the famous one with the yellow cloaks and a long and super colorful one of Gene with the extraordinary dancer Cyd Charisse. An iconic movie, it would deserve to be on this list just for its lavish Technicolor.

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This 1936′ screwball comedy is certainly the best example of this movie genre. Starring fabulous Carole Lombard as a goofy socialite and William Powell as her shrewd butler, it was one of the most relevant pictures of the decade. Full of iconic scenes (see the one of the shower) and funny from start to finish, it can also be seen as a light criticism of the disparity between social classes in America during the Great Depression.

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If you’re looking for a thrill, an Hitchcock’s  is the right choice for you. And this amazing movie, starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly, is surely one of his best. The plot’s about a man forced on a wheelchair for a broke leg, who spying the everyday life of his neighbors becomes witness of a murder and start investigating with her beautiful fiancee. Anxious moments, semidarkness and lavish gowns make Rear Window a masterpiece of both suspense and glamour.

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Based on a novel by Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany’s stars Audrey Hepburn in her most iconic role, and is a good choice to immerse in classics for the first time. The bittersweet romance and the legendary Audrey’s outfit have all the magic that marks old picture. For all the ones who love New York, glitters and plots not as easy as they seem.

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